Assisted Visions

can artificial intelligence help artists improve?

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Last year, researchers published an algorithm that allows the style of one image to be superimposed onto the content of another. Some believe that the ability to mix and match preexisting styles and genres will be an invaluable tool to help creators find their own voice, though some, often in popular debate, argue that technologies that can imitate style threaten to replace rather than assist artists. Assisted Visions is an attempt to methodically use style transfer technology for my personal stylistic development. In doing so, the generated images explore the notion that the process of developing a distinctive personal style could be quantified, modified and accelerated.

source images for Assisted Visions, five portraits in five styles and five textures in five styles

Assisted Visions, 25 portraits, digital print, 2016

By Lisa Kori Chung

Exhibited: At Alt-AI Festival at SFPC, May 20-22, 2016