Clementine Was Right

Singing on Lightning and Regret, debut album of alt-Country band Clementine Was Right

Photo Credit: Diego Romero, Rayo Del Alma Photography

Photo Credit: Gion Davis

I contributed vocals to Clementine Was Right's debut album Lightning & Regret, fronted by musician and poet Mike Young.

From the release notes: "Our first album, Lightning & Regret, is made of nine songs about loss and tacos on two coasts.

Collecting over a decade of songwriting, the album chugs a long black train decked in tinsel through shoegaze, country, early 2000s Swedish-influenced indie rock and cosmic synths to arrive at a sound that is a little bit like Mojave 3 telling a story to The Rock*a*Teens about The Wallflowers trying to impress Neko Case by covering The Cure.

Along the way, the songs try not to forget about the seventh grade boys wearing their black lipstick, the P. E. coach's bones, your mom falling asleep while she's driving, the mall failing to burn down, the fire of forgiveness, extra potatoes, being OK with carrying you but too scared to put you down, driving your Volvo to the doughnut store when your jaw was wired shut, shivering in the buzzcut rain, my favorite shade of history, lightning storms, going it careful with our hearts, the same river, a new river, the same river, a trust fall.

For the ideal listening experience, we recommend sitting in your converted tool shed of a bedroom in a town with casinos and meth and garbage bag curtains, singing along to "If you can hear me / you can see that / I am more than smoke" and then writing the song that comes next."

Lighting & Regret by Clementine Was Right

Photo Credit: Diego Romero, Rayo Del Alma Photography

Lighting & Regret album credits:

All songs written by Clementine Was Right

Lyrics by Mike Young

Lisa Kori | Keys + Vocals

Taylor Penner-Ash | Drums

G. Nicholas Quintero | Bass + Baritone Guitar

Nathan Smerage | Guitar

Mike Young | Guitar + Vocals + Fake castanets + Keys

And in the touring band, Julia Strauss and Annie Garcia Campos

Recorded in September 2019 by Ben Clary

at Kabby Sound Studios in Santa Fe, NM

Mixed by Ben Clary and Mike Young

Mastered by Will Dyar of Hills Audio

Cover art by LK James

Interior illustrations by Taylor Penner-Ash

Band photography by Gion Davis

Book design and extra lines by Mike Young

Photo Credit: Gion Davis

Photo Credit: Gion Davis