Museum of Future Government

wearable screen design

The Museum of Future Government Services is an interactive design futures exhibition commissioned by the Prime Minister's Office of the United Arab Emirates. Five visually-impactful exhibits offer amibitious visions of how government services could be delivered in the future, including health care, infrastructure and education.

The exhibition was created by Tellart and FABRICA in creative consultation with Superflux, Near Future Laboratory and Noah Radford of Institute for the Future.

I was part of a FABRICA/Tellart team that realized the Future of International Travel Exhibit:

Visitors walk through the border control of the future, having their data scanned passively and unobtrusively as they walk through a specially designed corridor of light and sound. Hosts and hostesses welcome them at the beginning and end, adding a personal touch for an improved experience of travel and security. With big data, intelligent sensors and better coordination, metal detectors, immigration queues, passports and visas will become a thing of the past, allowing for a more welcoming, warm and humane experience.

Immigration officers could use wearable devices to monitor checkpoint activity, identity, pathogen screening and travel history of visitors. These could be used to quickly receive and analyze data from other scanning devices as visitors move through the checkpoint corridor, and be seamless, unintrusive and comfortable enough to allow the host to interact with visitors nearby.

Photo Credit: Shek Po Kwan

Team Lead, Future of International Travel: Mikhail Mansion
Wearable Screen Design: Lisa Kori Chung
Screen Animation and Graphic Design: Riccardo Fontanel, Alice Longo

Exhibited: Government Summit, Dubai, February 2014