portrait of artist and musician Lisa Kori, photo credit Diego Romero

Lisa Kori is a Hawaiian-born, New Mexico-based musician, artist, filmmaker and author. While working as a researcher documenting electronic music and art, she began to perform her own noise music. Her current music adds a lyrical touch, incorporating influences from American and Hawaiian folk music. She has released several singles, and is currently working on a full length album that explores Asian-American identity.

Lisa Kori has performed in Brazil, Switzerland, NYC and Santa Fe, sharing the bill with a range of artists, from avant garde projects such as Colin Self, Female Genius, Vanessa De Michelis, Joker Nies and PSIRENS, to Americana acts such as Pearl Charles, Walker Kass, and Ry Warner. She also sings in the alt-country band Clementine Was Right, country-folk quartet Dear Doctor, and has a duet project with singer Rachel Claire.

She has exhibited artwork in venues such as EYEBEAM in New York, Sonar+D in Barcelona, Wearable Futures in London, The Museum of Future Government in Dubai, Blackout Festival in Basel, the Lichter FilmFest in Frankfurt, and has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Creators Project, Noisey, Wired, Fast Company, and Dezeen.

With ethnomusicologist Dave Novak, she co-authored a survey of handmade sound communities around the globe, which appears in the third edition of Handmade Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins. She also hosts a radio show (currently on hiatus) on KMRD-LP called ‘The Wandering Ear’ that leans heavily toward experimental music.

Her short film ‘Three Minute Eggs’ was awarded ‘Best Poetic Film’ at the Madrid Film Festival in New Mexico, ‘Best Experimental Film’ at the Mindfield Film Festival in Albuquerque, was a finalist for the Lichter Art Award at the Lichter Filmfest in Frankfurt, and was an official selection of the New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase. Three Minute Eggs was screened at the 2019 Basement Films’ 'Experiments in Cinema,' an experimental film festival based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Past projects include Open Fit, open source pattern-making software with Kyle McDonald, Anti-NIS Accessories, wearables to thwart neuro-imaging surveillance with Caitlin Morris, and The Medium and the Mayhem, a research project that documented DIY electronic art practices around the world. Past positions include working in the Interaction Design department of FABRICA in Italy, an artist residency investigating new forms of opera at EYEBEAM in Brooklyn, and the fabrication team of Hypersonic, a kinetic sculpture studio in Brooklyn.

She also gets sick an unreasonable amount and doesn't know why.

Contact: lisa kori @ gmail . com

Bandcamp: lisakori.bandcamp.com or follow here:

Spotify: Lisa Kori Artist Page

Instagram: instagram.com/korilisa

Facebook: facebook.com/lisakorimusic

Youtube: lisakori's channel

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lisakori

Portrait Credit: Diego Romero, Rayo Del Alma Photography


Selected Positions Held

Artist Fabricator, Hypersonic Art and Design (2016)

Artist-in-Residence, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center (2015)

Senior Digital Producer, Antarctic: Design, Technology and Strategy Agency (2014-2015)

Researcher-in-Residence, Interaction Design, FABRICA (2013-2014)

Watson Fellow, the Medium and the Mayhem (2010-2011)
Independent research project documenting experimental and electronic art practices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Spain. Funded by the Thomas J. Watson Foundation.

Selected Work

Three Minute Eggs, a meditation on time and death over breakfast, short film
Madrid, NM, USA, 2018

Assisted Visions, Can AI be used to help artists improve?
NYC, USA, 2015

Sway, an installation environment where sound and physical form meet, with Caitlin Morris
Sónar, Barcelona, June 2014

Pianokosmos, an investigation into experience of performance through new forms of vision, with Tal Isaac Hadad and Dawid Górny
Cité de la Musique, Paris, June 2014

Anti-NIS Accessories, wearables to thwart neuro-imaging surveillance Speculative Art Project with Caitlin Morris
Exhibited in Wearable Futures, Ravensbourne, London, December 2013

Open Fit, a workflow for the creation of custom pants using Processing with Kyle McDonald
NYC, June 2013

ADa Machine, collaboratively-written telematic performance project Residency in Hangar, Barcelona, June-July 2011
Culminating performance at Ars Santa Monica, Barcelona, July 2011


Generative Pattern Making Workshop: Blackout Festival. Basel, Switzerland, September 2015

Opera Toolkit Workshop Series: New Audiovisual Tools for Performing Artists, with Gene Kogan and Colin Self. Supported by Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, NYC, USA, 2015 - 2016

Panel Speaker: Adorn and Subvert: A Discussion on Wearable Resistance. Moderated by Joanne McNeil, Produced by Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, August 2015, NYC

Masterclass: Open Fit: Generative Patternmaking co-taught with Gene Kogan, based on a project by Lisa Kori and Kyle McDonald. Part of the 'Making Patterns' Exhibit, 117 Beekman Street Produced by Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, August 2015, NYC

Workshop for the Legal Imaginary: Collaborative Writing Workshop With Tom Haviv, August 2015, NYC

Guest Critic: Computational Fashion Masterclass. Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, August 2015, NYC

Guest Lecturer: Integrated Digital Media Arts Lecture Series. NYU Poly, Feb. & March 2015

Workshop: Generative Patternmaking in Processing. Eyebeam Computational Fashion Masterclass, NYC, July 2014

Panel Speaker: Wearables, DIY and Empowerment. Wearable Futures, Ravensbourne, London, Dec. 2013

Production Team, Translation Assistance: NODE Forum for Digital Arts. Frankfurt, Feb. 2013

Workshop: Handmade Transistor Oscillators. House of Natural Fiber, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, March 2011

Invited Presenter: Handmade Electronic Music at the Carnival of e-Creativity. Sattal, India, Feb. 2011

Artist-in-Residence: Sound and Light Exhibit, Jaaga, Bangalore, India, Feb. and May 2011

Production Team: Sudamerica Experimental, Festival of Experimental Music. Santiago, Chile, Dec. 2010

Participant: Sound and Music Computing Summer School, Physical Modeling and Soundwalk Composition. COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Grant Recipient Porto, Portugal, 2009


Oberlin Conservatory, B.M., Studies in New Media (2005-2009)