Don't Come Running

Single by Lisa Kori

When dealing with illness, the shallow responses you get from some people are that you’re “too heavy” or “you’re being a downer” or “you did something to deserve it” (because it horrifies some people to admit that bad things can happen randomly to anyone). Though this song isn’t a literal story about my illness it was written when I was ill and it felt like my life was a disaster. Like everything in my adult life had been a precarious house of cards and illness sent it tumbling down: suddenly I had no job, no career, no social scene, no money, no home of my own, no accomplishments, no health, no energy, and I was devoid of any of the abilities or activities that had once defined my existence– most days I was physically too sick and fatigued to get out of bed, and so mentally fatigued that I could barely string a sentence together.

On my marginally functional days, I thought it would be interesting to start writing songs that could, in a sense, catch you when you fall. In our success-obsessed society, it’s difficult to speak about misfortune without shame. In a society that values fast-paced living and bountiful energy, I was wondering if it was a worthwhile artistic gesture to interrogate the low, slow points in our lives and take time for reflection. I wanted to create an invitation to hold space for illness, isolation, dysfunction and bitterness and not just sweep them under the rug.

On a practical level, since I didn’t have resources to invest in equipment, I decided to challenge myself to create the richest possible sonic world with what I already had at my disposal: a broken guitar I inherited when a close friend died, my voice, and simple production techniques on my computer.

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Released April 29, 2018

Written, performed, and produced by Lisa Kori

Engineer: Kris Thomas
Mastering Engineer: Jason Mitchell
Photography: Audrey Fontanilla
Retouching: Dave Herr
Graphic Design: Claudio Fabbro