3-Track Single by Lisa Kori

1. Unseen
2. Quarantine
3. Summon

In 2017, after eight months of increasing exhaustion, weight loss and pain, I was finally diagnosed with Giardia, a parasite, and post-viral syndrome from a probable case of Chikungunya. Despite the acute illnesses resolving, I’ve been managing chronic fatigue and pain since.

Quarantine is about being quarantined by the CDC in 2017 and grappling with the feeling of being trapped-- both physically, due to illness and forced isolation, and psychologically, struggling with the loneliness and ennui of a lost year sick in bed.

Unseen and Summon are mystical fever dreams about crossing over into the spirit world, asking for guidance, and emerging from illness with a deepened sense of gratitude, trust, and appreciation for the strangeness and fragility of life.

Really thankful to everyone who helped me make this: Will Floyd who recorded and mixed the majority of the release, Timbo, who threw in some guitar wizardry, Eduardo Imasaka who created the intricate and amazing cover art, and Will Dyar, who mastered it to perfection.

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Interview here on experimental arts platform, Some Serious Business: Lisa Kori Finds Inspiration Through Illness.

Released April 21, 2020

Written, performed, and produced by Lisa Kori

Additional Guitars: Cactus Slim (Tim Arnold)
Recording and Mix Engineer: Will Floyd
Mastering Engineer: Will Dyar
Artwork: Eduardo Imasaka


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